Friday, August 24, 2012

Just another weekend in the life of Aud

New things going on....Shooter and I attended the Puppies in the Pool fundraiser to benefit the local animal shelter last night.  It is his favorite day of the year and he played and swam and fetched for a solid two hours.  He had just enough energy to throw an absolute fit when I had to make him leave.  He's a very well behaved dog and I have never seen him throw such a tantrum.  Like a tired kid, he passed out halfway home and slept like a rock all evening.  It was a great time.

This weekend I will be attending a bean bag tourney...winning team wins a hundred bucks.  I won the bean bag championship at the Winter Games last year, so I may have had a few beers and talked up my skills a bit more than I should have.  Truth be told, I'm generally not good at things like this.  I'm afraid it will be like my pool shooting skills.  I'll have one perfect game out of 20, the other 19 games are like watching a drunken toddler try to climb a ladder.  Oh well, we'll have fun even if we lose.

Then I will visit my good friend Arin and we will all hang out at the campground for a while.  The weather sounds like it will be perfect.  I also will be hanging out with a very very nice guy I recently met.  In the spirit of not jinxing things, that is all I'll say about that for now. 

My apple tree limbs are hanging nearly to the ground.  It is a bumper year for my apple crop, so I'll be making a ton of apple crisp.  I like to make a bunch and hand them out to people who help me out at the farm during the year.  Do you wish I was making you apple crisp?  Well, let me know, I always need favors :)

I have finally secured enough hay to get the horses through winter.  It was hard to find with the weather being so dry.  Luckily, my fantastic hay guy came through for me in a pinch and even stacked it in the corn crib for me.  He'll be getting some apple crisp for sure. 

That's all I've got for now...Have a great weekend!

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