Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dad's keys

I come into work this morning and dad is mad at my bro.  Apparently they had some drinks last night, dad locked himself out of the house and keys for both his vehicles were in the house so he couldn't leave.  Rather than help, Al was enjoying giving him a hard time, asking why he even bothered to pull the keys out of his truck. (good point, Al)  Anyway, one of the grandkids had spare keys to the house and eventually showed up to save the day.  Dad gets his truck keys and goes to the farm to do chores, and says he knows he left the truck keys in the ignition after that.

 So this morning, dad gets in his truck and finds no keys.  Hence, him being mad at Al, assuming Al had taken them and hidden them somewhere in the truck to teach him a lesson.  (exactly the kind of thing Al would do).   So he searches through his many coffee cups, under all his junk (a LOT of junk) in his truck.  Sees a big sack of screws, and figures they are probably at the bottom.  He goes through the whole sack.  Can't find em anywhere.  He finally gives up and drives the tractor to work.  Al comes in this morning and dad jumps him, Al denies everything (a totally Al thing to do, that kid has a poker face like none other).  Dad is convinced.  I was still not sure, as Al started laughing pretty hard when dad told him the story.  I did too, trying to decide which would be funnier, if Al did steal them, or if Dad misplaced them and is throwing this fit for no reason. 

Finally later in the day when it is just Al and I in the office, I said, "you took them, didn't you?  Just admit it to me at least."  He swears he did not touch them and I believe him.  10 minutes later it's just Dad and I in the office and I tell him, "I asked Al and I really don't think he took them."  He sheepishly replies, "I know.  I found them. "  Where?  "In my pocket."  The pocket of the pants you are wearing right now?  "Yeah".   HAHAHAHAHA! Then in the weakest cover-up attempt ever dad says, "He must have slipped them in there when I wasn't looking."  Uh huh. 


  1. Dad here, as usual you got some things wrong Audrey. A. I didn't lock us out of the house, Alan did. B. I did not take my truck to to feed the horses, it was back at the shop me having taken Roses van to work to change the oil and giving her the Green van to drive. So, hree vehicles in the yard, white van, green van, and Alan's white van. Keys for all locked in house except Alan's white van which of course had them in the ignition switch. So, after being ribbed by Alan I took his van to feed horses, went to work and dropped it off there while picking up the Red truck and driving it home leaving Alan to drive the green van back to work to get his white van, after the house got unlocked. So, when I got back with the red truck, and left the keys on the hump, Alan a had the perfect opportunity to take the keys from it while getting into the green van, to go get his white van, not to be confused with my white van, and then slipping them, they keys, back into my pocket the following morning.

    As you can see, the Devil is once again in the details.

  2. I like all of this so much...

  3. Ok let me gloss over the details for you dad and shorten it up. You lost your keys. You found them in your pants pocket. The End.