Monday, May 21, 2012

Meet...everyone else

This is Smidges, the first cat to come to the Copperbottom Ranch.  I couldn't love this cat more.  He is our great protector, always running off strays and never getting hurt in the process.  He's never been sick a day in his life. 

Back before all the cats were fixed I had a litter or two of kittens a year.  Smidges would always be so kind and gentle to them.  Once they were old enough, he would play-fight with them, playing rough but always making sure he was gentle enough to not hurt them.  I know they learned a lot from watching and being around him. 

As a kitten himself, he liked to sit on my shoulder while I did chores.  I could go for a mile walk and he would happily sit up there the whole time.  Anytime I was outside, he'd try to climb up my whole body to get up to my shoulders.  This was really cute until he weighed 12 lbs and I was wearing a skirt.  I have finally broke him of the habit, but if I pick him up, he'll still settle right in on my shoulder just like when he was a little guy. 

These animal introductions are getting a little old, so I'll hurry it along and introduce all the other cats as well. 

Marshmallow is pure white with blue eyes, a real stunner.  He was born at the farm and one of the few kittens I kept. 

Stumpy was born here as well.  He was born missing one back leg, but he gets a long fine.  He can run a lot better than he can walk, momentum is his friend!  He is very sweet, and loves getting scratched on the neck (on the side he's missing a leg).  When you scratch him there, his little leg stump shakes uncontrollably and it is pretty darn cute. 

Tips and Toots were kittens who wandered onto my dad's farm and ended up with me.  They were winter kittens, so they got to live in the house till it was warm enough to go outside.  They are particularly fond of Shooter, much  more so than he is of them. 

Rounding out the cat family is Stella, who I don't have a good picture of.  She is not as affectionate as the rest, I'm not sure why. 

Oh oh, and I almost forgot!  Here I thought I was done with the animals, but I forgot Bucky.  How could I?  He was the first horse I owned.  He is Dinker's partner in crime.  He is about 2 inches taller than Dinker.  He is more stand-offish than I would like him to be.  We're working on it.  One of the things with miniature horses, is that you tend not to train them as well as you should.  They do naughty things and they look "cute".  Whereas if a full sized horse did them, it would just be dangerous.  I think this is why ponies get a bad rap.  Yes, they can be naughty, but its usually because, as an owner, you let them get away with it.  I know I am certainly guilty of this with mine. 

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