Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meet the crew

Baker, caterer, animal wrangler, office manager, and now blogger.  Here goes nothing!  I am 32, single, and live on an acreage in Northwest Iowa with my critters.  I have named my farm the Copperbottom Ranch.  Expect to read a whole lot about animals, both domesticated and wild.  And a little of this and that sprinkled throughout.  I think I will start by introducing a critter per day. (This should give me material for a couple weeks)

Everyone, meet Shooter, my 7 year old Carin Terrier.  I love all my animals, but this is the only one I let in the house.  And we get to go to work together everyday.  Needless to say, we are pretty close and spend about 3 hours a week apart.  They say your dog picks you sometimes.  This was certainly true in Shooter's case.  When I met his litter of puppies, they said just find one you like.  So I sat on the floor and watched the other puppies play and romp around.  And then came Shooter.  He looked at me, crawled in my lap, stuck all four legs in the air and received his first of thousands of belly rubs.  Then he fell asleep.  NOW THIS IS MY KIND OF DOG I thought to myself.  He has proved to be a trust worthy companion.  Since he was a pup, he sleeps about 15 hours a day. 

But when that little dog goes, he goes! A little rocket of energy.  Its no wonder he needs so much rest!  He enjoys chasing cats, sitting at my feet while I cook and waiting for scraps to fall on the floor, fetching, sleeping on my feet at night, bonfires, sniffing around in wood piles, and running off to the gravel pit for a quick swim when no one is looking. 

I had wanted a dog of my own for a couple years.  My boyfriend at the time said no.  So when the boyfriend moved out, I got my dog and a better trade has never been made.  At my side ever since, I don't  know what I'd do without my little guy. 

That's all for today.  I guess I should have started by introducing myself.  There's always tomorrow....

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  1. Great start to what I'm sure will be an entertaining and interesting blog! Have fun with it Audrey.