Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet Hollywood

This horse has the coolest "registered" name ever.  Normally the names are boring, including bloodlines and maybe the farm they were born at.  I don't know any horses that are actually called by their registered name.  But this guy's papered name is "Hollywood Eldorado."  How bad ass is that?  It sounds like a character Nicholas Cage would have played, back in the early 90's when he was still cool. Or some gangster or a character in a James Bond movie. 

He is currently my most "senior" resident, at the age of 29.  He is beyond his riding years, but he is a big ol softie and he is welcome to stay with me as long as he lives.  He was originally bought as a companion to my first full sized horse who has since passed away.  That is a story for another day, but a great one, as they were owned by the same family for many years.  They were sold and separated, and were reunited at my place years later. 

Nowadays he moves slower, looks thinner, and isn't quite the gorgeous horse you see in the picture above.  But he still enjoys life, trots to the pasture, and is a great companion.  Oddly, he was never affectionate towards me till his friend passed away.  Now he is lovey dovey and I am loving it!  When his friend (Cutter) passed, we were both heartbroken.  But we helped each other through it, as dopey and kumbaya as that sounds....I think he was the only one who missed her as much as I did, and we really bonded over it.  Anyone who says animals don't have feelings has most definitely never owned a horse!!

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