Friday, September 21, 2012

I am kind of a dork

To the outside world, I may seem a little over zealous in my love for my critters.  But that's OK.  I never claimed or wanted to be normal.  So sometimes I write letters to my animals.  I keep them in a book and then one day when they are old, I can look back and read them and remember all the little things that time normally erases from your brain.  This is the letter I wrote to lil Buttercup, a couple days after she was born. 

Dear Buttercup,

You only came into my life two days ago and I can't believe how much I love you already. You were, as I was, a surprise. Not a mistake. Not an accident. A surprise. One I never expected. The first time I laid eyes on you I had to stand there for a couple minutes to wrap my mind around what I was seeing. I remember thinking, this must be a dream. I am so glad it wasn't.

You are so fun to watch. I love seeing you experience things for the first time. The first time you felt the wind, you looked around to see what the heck was making your hair move like that. The first time you stuck your nose in a water bucket, you were scared by the sensation. Every single thing you see and hear is a first.

Your mom loves you so much, and I can tell you love her. She will take great care of you. You will be likely be the first foal that won't be taken away from her after weaning. She will have you at her side till her last day on earth.

Your hair is so so soft. Like nothing I've ever felt. Like velvet, but better. Like shag velvet. You have the sweetest little muzzle. It reminds me of both Billie's and Cutter's. You will be sorrel it appears and I am thrilled with that. I hope you look like Cutter when you are older.

I can't believe how long your legs are! You are already taller than Dinker and Bucky. I'm giving you a week till you'll be too tall to fit under your moms' belly.

You have given me so much joy in the two days that I have known you. Your mom is so happy, the happiest I've seen her since she came to the farm. She is so content to have you to care for. I am happy too. Very happy that you've come into our lives. You will make an excellent addition to the Copperbottom Ranch.

I look forward to watching you grow up, teaching you things, and watching you become a beautiful strong, smart, and loving horse. Someday we will travel the trails together, you and I. But for now, you just stick with Mom. Just learn and grow and be a filly. And don't be in a hurry to grow up now.

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