Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cute new Buttercup happenings...

I hate having to go to work during the days, simply because I know I'm missing so much cuteness!  That lil bugger can't go two minutes without doing something extremely adorable!  Such as.....peeing and then trying to cover it up like a cat would.  (she's been watching the cats too much)  Getting an itchy butt and rubbing it all over Mom.  Yesterday as I was driving towards my place, I could see her running at a full gallop in circles in the pasture, just as fast as her little legs would take her!  Of course once I got home and got out the camera, she stopped.  She is getting much more brave.  She will even hang out in the barn, out of site of Mom.  She's made friends with the mini horses now, which is great, though I'm sure Dinker will be a bad influence on her. 

I've been working with her to get her to trust me.  Lots of patience and kissing noises have gotten her to the point where she will now come up to me without me asking.  This is great.  I can pick up all four feet.  I can touch her pretty much anywhere without her getting scared.  I need to halter train her very soon, so I've been taking the halter with me every time I go out to feed her.  No need to put it on her just yet, but I've been keeping it in my hand as I rub her down, getting her used to the sensation.  Hopefully one of these days, she'll just let me slip it right over her nose without a fuss. 

I can't wait to hang out with her for the next 25 or 30 years.  I'm going to make her the best horse she can possibly be. 

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