Monday, June 25, 2012

Yang and her ying

Meet my two good friends, Arin and Yang.  Arin is a very special lady.  She has a love of animals that rivals (or even surpasses) mine.  I love people who's best friends are animals.  She and her goat, Yang, have a connection that is very touching.  That little goat lives for her.  I have never met another animal (other than a dog) that loves their "person" so much.  Once she is out of her sight, Yang will practically have a melt down.  Arin can "call" to yang from across the farm and he will answer her every darn time.  I tried it repeatedly, and got no response.  They go for walks on the walking trails together.  He is a celebrity at the Dickinson County Nature Center, where Arin works.  He shows up for public events and get togethers and is the star of the show.  And such a well behaved and polite little gal at that!  (more than I can sometimes say for Arin :)  Arin is truly the ying to her Yang.  If, one time in my life, I found someone who loved me as much as that goat loves Arin, I'd consider myself a very lucky lady.  It makes me miss my old goats very much.  SO much personality per pound!  They have to be one of the most enjoyable animals to just sit and watch. 

Roger, Polly, and I.  Oh how I miss thee...

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